Maranello launches its own ethical label

Maranello launches its own ethical label

Ethical label

Maranello On Earth marks above all our commitment to provide promotional products that are increasingly respectful of mankind and the planet.

As we are aware that it takes time to change habits, inspirations, design, materials used and production sites, our approach aims to unite our suppliers, inspire our clients and suggest responsible products to them.

To obtain the Maranello on Earth label, a product must fulfil one of 4 criteria :

🔹 A responsible approach : A useful, sustainable promotional object that can be recycled and/or that is biodegradable
🔹 Responsible materials : A renewable promotional object that uses less materials or eco-designed materials; produced using organic and recycled materials
🔹 Responsible transport : A promotional object with a low carbon footprint: using locally-produced raw materials and green transport over short distances
🔹 Social responsibility : A promotional object with a socially positive contribution; environmentally ethical; using European, national, or even local know-how; using local or international, charity-based, socially responsible or fair-trade manufacture.

This label conveys Maranello’s everyday actions and concrete commitments to become a player in positive societal and environmental development.

Take a look at our products with a responsible approach !